Xứ Thần tiên - Triển lãm cá nhân của họa sỹ Đặng Việt Linh

The Wonderland 2018

Infomation Updating

Thiên đường mong manh - Sơn dầu trên toan, 60cm x80cm, 2016

Fragile Paradise Series

Tiny, long-legged, doe-eyed dolls. We see them and can’t help to wonder where’s all the fancy dresses? A tiny bit of surprise, and a small dose of uncanniness.

Sự ra đi vĩnh cửu - 60cmx80cm, 2014

Mơ Series

I always dreams about a world like Eden, where humans live without any cultural and racial discrimination; where freedom, joy, happiness and kindness reign.

Cô dâu 9x Bột màu, kim tuyến trên giấy dó, 90cm x 110cm, 2015

Love Series

Có một thời vừa mới bước ra

Mùa xuân đã gọi mời trước cửa

Chẳng ngoái lại vết chân trên cỏ

Vườn hoa nào cũng ở phía mình đi.

(Có một thời như thế - Xuân Quỳnh)

Khỉ - bột màu trên giấy dó, 60cm x80cm, 2016

Twelve Zodiac Series

Twelve zodiac paintings are a series of long-lasting works which each of them represents the concept of existence as well as the rotation of time and human life.

Tĩnh vật 1 - màu nước trên giấy dó, 50cmx 70cm, 2011

Still Life Series

Everyday objects appearing in our life seem very ordinary, but they have unique meanings that make our life in terms of both physically and mentally.

Sáng sớm

Other Paintings

These are independent works that express my own view and insights into what are happening in everyday life.

Mysterious Skin

I used to have many difficulties in verbalizing my thoughts during face-to-face communication. I started paintings upon realizing that the nature of my communication is but a vague cover, intricately shrouded over my personality. The helmet evokes memories of my puberty laden with doubts about my own body, a period when I had no outlet to confide in, thus having to bury all of my doubts. Through paintings, I discover the mysteries hidden beneath the skin covering my body: their sensitivity toward surrounding things such as air, contact, melting, and above all my physical sentiments. These, to me, are more important than the emotions present on our face.

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