Xứ thần thoại - Triển lãm cá nhân mới của Họa sỹ Đặng Việt Linh năm 2018

Ceremony to mark the 10th anniversary of  Dang Viet Linh artistic activities. The author is proud to present 30 artworks which has been painted in the last three years to the painting lovers.


The Wonderland” was inspired by the childhood stories in the author’s village, in where there are not only the memories, the remembrances and the dreams of the author but also the whole community in the past with ordinary stories, the simplicity of country living. The stories, the discoveries of the homeland which are related to the fairy tales and divine stories crossing any borders create shimmering landscape with full colour, imagination and fascination having the honour of the memories in the past.


13 — 17.07.2018


Exhibition Center of Fine Arts & Photography.
29 Hang Bai Street, Ha Noi.

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Gouache on Dó paper


Oil Painting on Canvas

Xứ thần thoại của Đặng Việt Linh

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